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Kaitlyn DeSpain | Artist’s Series

Hello, friends! In case you missed our last post on the Artist’s Series, it is all about fabulous and talented creatives that love all things weddings and creativity! Today,  I have invited the oh-so-fab Kaitlyn DeSpain Kirkwood to chat today about all things custom stationery for your big day! Kaitlyn is a true artist that is SO passionate about what she does – from the moment I met her, I knew I needed to hear about why she loves what she does! Enjoy, friends!

Kaitlyn will also be speaking at Indy Reads Books about her artwork, business, + inspirations on Thursday, July 12, 2018. Be there or be square, girlfriend!

Photo by Copperhead Photography

Hello happy couples! My name is Kaitlyn DeSpain. I’m an illustrator, designer and storyteller. I am so thrilled to share my craft with you through Design the Day’s journal! I will be discussing the benefit of having creative, artful, custom wedding details and how they can take your day to the next level.

Before we get on to the good stuff, here’s a little tidbit about me:

– I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember. My first “work of art” was Blue’s Clues fanart when I was 1, which my mom proudly (and shamelessly) has framed in the living room.

– I’m originally from Sonoma County, CA, and moved to Orange County, CA, when I turned 18. I recently found myself in Indianapolis, IN, and holy guacamole, I’m in love. I feel at home here in Indianapolis and that speaks volumes for this amazingly welcoming city.

– If I could best describe my design style, it would be if bohemian and minimalist had a love child. I could say the same for my personal style!

– I love chocolate cake, all kinds of cheese, a good zinfandel, statement earrings and witchy shoes.


My motto is “illuminating love’s artistic narrative”. Your love is a story worth telling and I want to share it with the whole world!

Photo by EmmaLeigh Photography

Consider your wedding a form of storytelling, put on display for your friends and family. Your wedding captures who you both are – what flowers you like best, what food you enjoy most, your taste in music, etc. To put it simply, the day is designed to symbolize YOU! Custom wedding details assist in telling that story and personalizes your wedding experience. This can be explored in many ways—stationery, programs, tapestries, linens, “thank you” cards—there really are no limitations!

If it’s not obvious yet: I love what I do. I strive to create details that feel like works of art. My wedding designs are meant to be unique, meaningful, thoughtful and humble. With a lot of “trends” out there, it’s easy to get lost in the hub-bub of cookie-cutter designs that don’t speak to who you are as individuals. With custom stationery, it personalizes the experience for your guests from the very beginning.

A good friend of mine told me that custom designs should be thought of as “marketing” your wedding day. She was so right! For example, I designed a tapestry for my wedding reception incorporating a design that symbolized my husband and I (a California poppy and a Scottish thistle!). Once I had completed the tapestry, I used that same design to print the covers of my ceremony programs. My guests were excited to see the same imagery replicated throughout the evening and it ended up being a very memorable detail!

Photo by EmmaLeigh Photography

My favorite part about my process is the couple’s questionnaire that I require to be filled out for inquiries. I learn so much about my couples through this step! They answer questions about their favorite memories together, the first time they met and even what their ideal date night would be. Celebrating the uniqueness of each relationship is a fulfilling and rewarding experience!

Photo by Courtney Sinclair Photography

All in all, your wedding day should be one for the books. Custom, art-focused details help make the day memorable for you and your guests—they’ll be telling stories about your day for years to come!

xo, Kaitlyn

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